Thursday, August 9, 2018

{Bonus Pics Included} Featuring Maple & Lula Belle @ Richmond Survival Camp

 {See more pics below including Group pic with my Bunk Buddies}
Maple [m.] journey jumper: PINK-CAMO: black
Maple [m.] journey bac-pac:CAMO: green
{Lula Belle} Jelly Sandals

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do-you-think-he-saurus? 🐾Featuring R2A @ RSC & Dino Nish! 😲

{see more/unedited pics below and a special co-stars}

Sponsored items: 
R2A R2A TODDLEEDOO/BEBE ULTIMATE OUTFIT green (arm/leg bands included)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Backish for Camp!! Featuring: #Maple #JunkFood

#RSC #Summer2018
Sponsored Items:
Maple [m.] long sleeved shirt: milk [tdb-unfitted]
Maple [m.] slouchie pants: dottie [tdb-unfitted]
Junk Food - Chancla Slipper (Grey) {worn on foot/hand}
Junk Food - Rezz'd (can also be worn) Cereal Bag RARE, Popsicle Bag RARE, Moritos Bag +
Junk Food - Weiner Wonky Frogs (purple cereal box in crate xD)
RSC - Camp Welcome Crate (not included milk & cereal is from Junk Food)

{raw photo of me trying to stuff my suitcases! no edit}

NOTE: Temporary Backish... But Blogs are kinda on hold until I finish my RL move.  
However, move was postponed until next weekend. With everything mostly packed, I may be able to bring a few more blogs this week, while I attend RSC Camp.  
-ellie penelope-

Friday, July 13, 2018

Featuring: #LittleStars #NinetyNine #Basil #Muddpuddles #PlusMuchMore

Click Image for Full Size Image or View on Flickr: Click Here

* {.:Little Stars.:} * Teddy Footie PJ {Mint} - Currently @ NinetyNine Event
.BASIL. Mer Bed - RARE
.BASIL. Mer Nightstand
.BASIL. Mint Mer Sign
.BASIL. Mint Mer Curtain
.BASIL. Pink Brush.. fork? Hanging
MuddPuddles: Chevron Nightstand
MuddPuddles: Daisy Dots Wardrobe
MuddPuddles: Daisy Dots Rug

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Featuring #LittleMiss #LulaBelle #ShopHop #EnchantedPoses #TDFair #CuteBytes #BananaN #PlusMore

click image for full sized photo

{Little Miss} Loose Striped Tee & Plaid Skirt FATPACK
{Lula Belle}Gladys Sandals - FATPACK {Boxed} @ Shop Hop
{Enchanted Poses} Rayleigh Pose Pack @ Toddleedoo Fair (ends today July 11th)
**Cute Bytes** Bernie TheBear - Vanilla (REZZ)
BananaN - c'est la fete! gacha - see ad below
BananaN - Celebrations set - see ad below

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Featuring #Myrinne #Miele #LulaBelle #EnchantedPoses #TDFair #PlusMuchMore

Featuring #Myrinne #Miele #LulaBelle #EnchantedPoses #TDFair #PlusMuchMore
Sponsored Stuff:
On me:
~Miele~ Emerald Bikini Top/Bottom {RARES}
{Lula Belle} Yanny Round Sunglasses - Cream [Add]
     ⇉ on bella: Miele Marie Bikini @ Toddleedoo Fair
     ⇉ on deli: Miele Lena Bikini {see her blog click here}
3 kid pose: {Enchanted Poses} Lil Besties @ Toddleedoo Fair {Bella, Me, Deli}
     ⇉ candy's pose - { Bellybean } Cherie Pose set {far right}
     ⇉ nico's pose - edited random pose via pose stand
scene: decorated by my amazing twinnie bella!
Myrrine - Beach House YELLOW RARE @ Cosmopolitan event
Myrrine - Deck with cabinets and stuff @ Shiny shabby
Myrrine Closeup ♥

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Featuring #Maple #BoWillow #MuchMore

Click for full sized image
Sponsored Stuff: 
Outfit: Maple [m] harem pants + plain cropped tanks New @ Mainstore!
Pose: [Maple.] [m] hands in my pockets - June/July. Group Gift!
Bedroom Set: :BoWillow: Starry Room {gacha} - see AD below

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don't Spill the Tea! Featuring: #LittleStars #BoWillow #ShopHop #Basil #PlusMore

Click image for full size picture ;)
This is that face you make when you get some piping hot tea and almost spill it!

Sponsored Stuff: 
* {.:Little Stars.:} * Dior Dress Blush (BB/TD options) Fatpack @ NinetyNine
:BoWillow: - Bunny Tea Sets (with/without steam options) @ SHOP HOP {June}
.BASIL. Gold Coffee Table

Monday, June 11, 2018

Featuring: #LulaBelle #ShopHop #ConfettiPoses #Buglets #AR #PlusMore

Click picture for full size image
Sponsored Stuff:
{Lula Belle} Tassel Sandals - FATPACK {Shop Hop HQ}
{Lula Belle} Amalie Set - FATPACK {Ninety-Nine}
{Lula Belle} Kitty Headband - COMMON 3 - LAVENDER
{Confetti Poses}My Box Doll (comes with pose shown in the box)
~*Buglets*~ Bunny Doll Shelf RARE
*AR* - Mannequin - Shabby Princess

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Last Day! Featuring #BabyBurp #Thimble

click on the picture for full size! 
Sponsored Stuff:
BabyBurp {BB} Floral Summer Onesie - yellow [ADD-TDB] was @ Thimble (May-ends June 10th)
* New round starting soon; be sure not to miss out!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Featuring: #Maple #Thimble #SweetBaby #Basil #MuddPuddles #PlusMore

Sponsored Stuff:
Maple [m] dolly pjs (5 Colors: Sold Separate or Fatpack) Coming Soon to Thimble
Maple [m] critter teether [LIMITED GIFTIE "Wooden Teething Toys"] animated w/pose or static
Sweet Baby - Honey Kitchen Set - Blue & Pink (w/pan - click it for food)
.BASIL. Vintage Seat - @ Vintage Fair Now - Ends June 25
NOTE: sitting pose in pic is with teether, but seat comes with many adult sit animations
MuddPuddles: Enchanted Moon & Stars Rug &  Puffy Stool - Mint

Monday, May 28, 2018

Papa & Penelope Day: Showcasing R2A

Click picture for full-size image!
Sponsored Stuff: 
Outfits - R2A TODDLEEDOO/BEBE SUMMER OUTFIT/WHUD & Matchy Adult Male sizes too!!
Backpack: R2A KIDS RUCKSACK FATPACK (#5) There are 10 EPIC options! You need this!

So, Papa and me went shopping and found MATCHING outfits!!  So of course, he want's to be like Ellie! hehe  Now, we matching head to toe!  So, we went to the beach, but the water was cold so we couldn't swim... but a course we sure could take some pics and he even pretends he would throw me in the water with all my clothes on! haha, Papa is the best!  But Nana (who was taking pics) didn't let him throw me in!  Anyways if you haven't heard of the shop R2A before... now you have!  Great for the not so girly girls and of course the cootie boys!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Featuring: #Miele #ColorMeCute #Buglets

Click Image for Larger Size
Sponsored Stuff: 
~Miele~ Scarlett Outfit {FATPACK} @ Color Me Cute Event - Ends Soon!
~*Buglets*~ Bunny Doll Gacha - (Was @ GachaLand-April: Sorry Event Ended)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

#Splash Featuring: #LulaBelle #PlayRoom #Thimble #BTF #PlusMore

Sponsored Items:
Outfit: {::BTF::} Set Cloud Love & Elora  Blogger Pack @ Thimble - a Kids Event
     ⇢ Shown In Pic: {::BTF::} Cloud Love
Sunglasses: {Lula Belle} Yanny Round Sunglasses - Lilac @ Thimble - a Kids Event
Decor: {Lula Belle} - Pool Floats @ The Play Room Event
     ⇢ Shown In Pic: {Lula Belle} Dino 1 - Pool Float COMMON
     ⇢ Shown In Pic: {Lula Belle} Unicorn 1 - Pool Float COMMON

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SweetHearts! Featuring #Maple for #ShopHop & #BananaN for #GachaGarden

Sponsored Stuff:
Outfits: Maple [m]simple sundress: fatpack (all TD-B seen in pic) for Shop Hop: June 2018
     ⇢ In Pic: Dream-Lace Teal Dress | Bella-Lace White dress | Ellie-Watermelon
Decor: BananaN - kawaii shoppe (see ad below) @ Gacha Garden Event
     ⇢ Vending Machines give drink/snack.  Ice Cream Cone lights turn on/off
     ⇢ Some decor from BananaN from previous releases & has already been blogged! 💖

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Featuring: #LittleMiss & #Basil

Sponsored Stuff: 
{Little Miss} Poplin Jumper FATPACK (so many adorable colors to choose from)
{Little Miss} Fur Vest (not included in above outfit) Now @ Mainstore
.BASIL. Alice @ Gacha Gardens Event - May 2018
.BASIL. Belton Bench - Released for April Illuminate Round - Now @ Mainstore

Friday, May 11, 2018

Featuring: #Maple #LulaBelle #Thimble #BoOgErS #SweetBaby #Buglets #AntHill #PlusMuchMore

She's Back Featuring Maple, Lula Belle Plus More

Ellie's Wearing: 
Outfit: Maple: [M] "Rhinestones and Glitter" Tutu Tankini Bikini: Fatpack - New @ Mainstore!
Bracelet: {Lula Belle} Leather Wrap Bracelets - Now @ Thimble a Kids Event 
Sponsored Decor: 
<:*BoOgErS*:> Splish -N- Splash Blue
<:*BoOgErS*:> Octopuss Sprinkler
Sweet Baby - Swimming Pool With Roof
Sweet Baby - Lemonade Stand
~*Buglets*~ 4. Treehouse Pool Chair [Blue]
Ant Hill {AH} Floating Bowl-Of-Chips
Ant Hill {AH} Floating Sippy Cup

Saturday, March 31, 2018

BONUS VIDEO!! 😱 Featuring #BoWillow #NinetyNine #BreauxJR #BreauxWillow #Thimble #SweetBaby #PlusMore #BDC

Click for Full Sized Image - Also WATCH BONUS VIDEO Below!!
Sponsored stuff: 
Outfit: :BoWillow: Take it Easy Outfit  Ninety-Nine March (TD Baby Fitted)
Pencil: :BoWillow: Ninety-Nine 2 Year Gift Pencil - for Ear, Nose, and/or Mouth!
Gloves: Breaux Jr. - Knock Outs - Breaux @ Sanarae Event March
Bumper/Egg: Breaux Willow - Chickee Egg Bumpers - SKY @ THIMBLE a kids Event March
Glasses: Sweet Baby - Nerd Glasses - 8 Colors Mesh [Group Gift] Get it NOW @ Mainstore!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Featuring #Lazo #CMC #Maple #PlayRoom #SweetBaby #Basil #Illuminate #Thimble #BananaN #BoWillow #AR #BonusVideo #PlusMore

Click for Full Image (See the slideshow below MANY MORE PICS & VIDEO TOO!!)
Sponsored Stuff:
Ellie's Outfit: ~Lazo - Marina Set - B - Currently @ Color Me Cute Event
Ellie's Cuppie:  Maple [M] Unibunni Cuppie - Child (seen in video only, featured in next post)
Ellie's Accessory: :BoWillow: Easter Flower Headband - old GIFT (bunny ears not included)
Ellie's Accessory: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Easter Basket - Dotty Princess  RARE 2017 (rez for decor)
Ellie's Pose: Kokoro Poses - Easter includes Held Baskets. (see ad) - Currently @ Thimble Event
Izabella's Outfit: Maple [M]Spring Jacket - Currently @ the Play Room Event
Decor: .BASIL. Kennedy Mudroom (Umbrella & bin included) - Currently @ ILLUMINATE Event
Decor: .BASIL. Mint Bunny Fan - Currently @ Color Me Cute Event
Decor: Sweet Baby - Wall Shelf TV Set With Toys - GIFT Coming SOON!
Attach: Sweet Baby - Roll-Along Pony Mesh - 2 Colors - TD Baby (See live in the video below)
BananaN: Kitty beanbag Elephants with face
BananaN: Bunny rug
AR * By Anjelika Rexen -{STATUS}- Playground - Full Set 1.1 (see AD below)
NOTE: Playground IN VIDEO ONLY! (Will be fully featured soon in a future post)

To Watch in HD click on the Settings button on the video!

Click little box on the Slideshow to view in Full Screen!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Featuring: #Maple #LulaBelle #NinetyNine #TinyGems #BananaN #Myrrine #BonusSlideShow

Click for the full sized image! {BONUS SLIDESHOW BELOW}
Sponsored Items: 
Outfit: Maple [M]Shorts & Tanks: Fat Pack 6 colors available!! Mix & Match!
Backpack: {Lula Belle} Bunny Backpack 6 colors available @ Ninety-Nine Event March
Pose w/ballon: Tiny Gems {tg.} - The Littlest Dreamer 3 (old gacha/ad below)
Decor: BananaN Pupuli Gacha Set (ad below)
Decor : Myrrine Maylis Gacha Set (ad below)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

xD Royal Throne Featuring: #AntHill #BoOgErS #BoWillow #Moon #HelloBeautiful #TD #CuteBytes

Sponsored Stuffs: 
Shape: [moon unicorn.]-Janelle Shape for Hello Beautiful Event Open Now! 
     ↪ ( Using Bebe in Blog but TD-Baby & fitted also available )
Crown: :BoWillow: Royal Golden Crown [ came with Royal Ballet Outfit ]
Potty: Ant Hill {AH} Royal Potty @ SaNaRae Event Ends March 18th
Rug: <:*BoOgErS*:> Polar Bear Rug (old gacha)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Featuring: #Lazo #NinetyNine #TinyGems #SweetBaby #TwoBonusVideos #PlusMore

Sponsored Stuff: 
Ellie's Outfit: ~Lazo - Gym Set - NO LACE @ Ninety Nine Event March Round
     ⤷ It has bunny ears add-on and so many color options! I love the textures so much!
Bella's Outfit: ~Lazo - Gym Set - With LACE @ Ninety Nine Event March Round
Pose: Tiny Gems {tg.} - Family Fishing Time. (Fishing pole and pale props included.)
     ⤷ Pose edited. Original is for 3 avatars, 2 kids one adult person. See ad below. 
Animation HudSweet Baby - Peek a Boo HUD (Seen below in Bonus Video #1)
     ⤷ You can even color your ears!!  8 animations included to fit with, Toddleedoo baby (2 animations close and away) , Carton Kids, Bebe, Yabusaka, Totsipop Baby, and for the parents, Men & Women. Be sure to see the full video below! 

Bonus Video #1 - Sweet Baby Peek a Boo Hud (As seen in SL)

Bonus Video #2 - Silliness w/Ellie & Bella
Just a very silly video with a silly inside joke; inspired by the commercial with the old man who says... "you gotta be quicker than that". 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lil' Leperchauns Featuring #ZoAwesum #PlayRoom #BoWillow #WillowVale #TD #CuteBytes

Sponsored Stuffs: 
Outfit: :BoWillow: Lil' Sailor - Solids FatPack - (baby) / Brushed Cotton Hud
Head Piece: :BoWillow: Hurry Spring - Floral Crown - Sunflower RARE
     ⤷ Currently @ Dandelion's Unite - WillowVale Event - ends March 15th!
Ears *TD*  Cute Bytes Bubbly UltraPierced ElvenEars (so many color options)
Poses & Props: ~Zo Awesum~ Lucky Leperchaun @ The Play Room Event March! 
     ⤷ 6 props/poses RARE is the complete set!

Be sure to check out Ashton and Aura's blogs!!!  
Just click their names ^^^ above ^^^ to see even more awesomeness!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Playing Dress Up: Featuring #Toddleedoo #LulaBelle #PlayRoom #Thimble #PlusMuchMore

Sponsored Stuffs: 
Ears *TD* Bubbly UltraPierced ElvenEars
Dress: [LD] Poppy Dress - B - Blue (wings not included) @ Thimble a Kids Event
Chair: {Lula Belle} Bunny Bean Bag Chairs @ Play Room Event Opens March 5th
     ⤷ Available at the  to everyone 50L per play 9 commons
     ⤷ 1 RARE 8 child animations in each chair

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Featuring #BreauxWillow #LulaBelle #Thimble #BeauBebe #BoWillow #Lazo #Buglets #BoOgErS #PlusMuchMore

Sponsored Items: 
Currently @ .Thimble a Kids Event. (Feb 2018)
     ⤷ Outfit: Breaux Willow - Kawaii Outfits & Wings
     ⤷ Bracelet: {Lula Belle} Bow Bracelet - Gold
     ⤷ Leg Warmers: Connor's Corner - CC Leg Warmers
Tutu: :BoWillow: Tutu - White - Baby (FLUFF layer) plz wear
Tiara: ~LaZo - Alimah Tiara - !ADD! - gold - Baby (no longer avail)
Decor: Beau Bebe - TippyToes Ballerina Shoes (to wear but rezzed for decor)
Decor: ~*Buglets*~ Sit Pillow Ballet
Decor: <:*BoOgErS*:> Ballerina Bear 1

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Featuring: #Lazo #CMC #LulaBelle #PlusMuchMore ☔

Sponsored Stuffs: 

Lazo - Reed Pants (so many color options!!) @ Color Me Cute
Lazo - Reed Shirts (so many color options!!) @ Color Me Cute
{Lula Belle} Kitty Headband - COMMON 2 - BLUSH

Featuring #Miele #CMC #Buglets #LulaBelle #Thimble #Lazo #LittleMarket #SoSilly #IC #PlusMuchMore

Sponsored Stuffs:
Miele~ Amami Outfit [Fairy Tale] (td baby fitted) @ Color Me Cute
Buglets*~ Valentine Set Group Gift Hairbow & Necklace  (February '18)
{Lula Belle} Bow Bracelet - Rose Gold @ .Thimble a Kids Event:
{Lula Belle} Kitty Headband - COMMON 2 - BLUSH
Lazo - Ruffle Socks Ankle @ The Little Market 
So Silly Princess Tea Set
IC - Thimble -- Faded Flowers n Plaid

Monday, February 26, 2018

Up-Town Baby! Featuring: #LittleMiss #ColorMeCute #SweetBaby

Decided it was time to show my cousin bestie Finneh my hometown, my stomping grounds, my city!  We're heading uptown to the Boogie-Down Bronx.  First stop, Yankee stadium! lol

Sponsored Stuffs: 
{Little Miss} Kimono Cardi FATPACK / TD Baby/Kid
{Little Miss} Capri Jeans FATPACK (unpacked)
     ⤷Available NOW @ the Color Me Cute Event:
{Little Miss} Lumber Boots FATPACK (unpacked) | TD Baby/Kid & Bebe Fitted
Sweet Baby - Stereoscope View Master 80's - so many colors, its animated too!
     ⤷ Fully animated w/click sounds too, includes blabber typer can turn on/off & many options!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Featuring #LittleMiss #SC #ThePlayRoom

Featured Items:
Sophie's Closet {SC} I Believe Gacha Scene & Accessories @ Play Room Event
{Little Miss} Turtleneck Sweater - Royal *Baby
{Little Miss} Mini Skirt - Denim Mid *BABY
{Little Miss} Baby Uggs - Navy *BABY

Featuring #Miele #Basil #CMC #Buglets #BreauxJr #LttlSmlStyl #BoOgErS #MuchMore

Ellie's Outfit: 
~Miele~ [EXCLUSIVE] CupCake Romper {Boho} (TD-B Fitted)

.BASIL. Heart Tall & Short Dresser @ Color Me Cute Event
.BASIL. Katelyn Desk
.BASIL. White Shelf w/ lights & decor
.BASIL. Unicorn Record Player (copy/mod)
.BASIL. Pixel Invaderz (rare 2) King
~*Buglets*~ Heart Pillows @ Lttl Sml Styl Event
Breaux Jr: I Love You Snuggle Blanket - includes poses @ Lttl Sml Styl Event
<:*BoOgErS*:> Time Out Baby Boy
<:*BoOgErS*:> Poor Abandoned Bear
<:*BoOgErS*:> Roll-N-Play Light Little

Monday, February 12, 2018

In My Own Lil' Cloud #LulaBelle #TPR #LTTL #HelloBeautiful #ConfettiPoses #MuchMore

Outfit: Lula Belle Full Outfit Gacha @ the Play Room Event (Feb) OPEN!
     ⤷ For AD pic scroll down or.. click "Read More" below.
Face hearts: .Ukiyo. - Amai - Pretty Palette HUD OMEGA Soon @ LTTL SML STYL
     ⤷ LTTL SML STYL  OPENS: February 13th!
Glasses: Buttons Sassy Glasses - comes w/hud for many options @ Hello Beautiful Event OPEN!
Hair: *Besom~ Zia (Unrigged)
Poses: Confetti Poses - Summer Day Stand
Decorations & Companion: MishMish - The Cutie Cloud
Decoaations: {YD}Elephant Puppies: Johnny RARE, Robert & Mila

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Unbareably Cute Gang! Showcasing BoOgErS, Confetti Poses & the Play Room

Sooo, this blog comes with a tiny story!  As you can see there are BoOgErS bears everywhere!  Annnd do you know what that means?  Zen is back!  So... go and get your bears!  It even comes with a little story about the history of the bears.  Make sure you never miss a bear, because once they're retired they are gone forever... unless you find someone willing to trade/sell it to you! 

<:*BoOgErS*:> Store Bears & Bear Display 
KOKORO - pose gacha, So Cute Gacha, 6 commons, 2 rares. @ Play Room Event (Feb)
   ⤷ Only Ellie (showing one pose (not rare) from set.  (cup not included)
{Confetti Poses} Little Cup (includes drinks! edited cup on floor cuz yah)
   ⤷ Macey, Ashton & Finneh (different poses from the set)
Ant Hill {AH} Cozy Winter Bed RARE
Ant Hill {AH} Invisi Prim_ Winter Hideaway Cabin

Monday, February 5, 2018

Stay Wierd 👽 #LittleMiss #Lazo #More

What Ellie's Rockin'
{Little Miss} Cropped Spag, Cullote Pants & Korean Plats Now @ Mainstore
    ⤷TD Baby&Kid, Shoes unrigged
{Little MissFur Vest - White *BABY
~Lazo - Bow Bracelet - silver -

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Almost Back... OMW Teaser! #BreauxJR #MoMo #Beusy #pr!tty #FLite #PlusMore

Nope, not quite back yet, but it's almost time for my official comeback. I decided to give you just a few teasers!!  Now look at this super cute outfit from Breaux Jr!!  
Be sure to check out the picture gallery below, for some fun pics with a little lighting and minor edits! Can't wait to see ya soon!  Until next time, stay tuned!

Featured Items
  • Outfit: Breaux Jr. Tucked Tees (B) - Cute Now @ Ninety-Nine Event
  • Hat: Beusy: Msg Sent Cap Only [1(800)HELLB*TCH Gacha/Uncommon]
  • Hair: pr!tty - Dakota - :un-rigged: - [Updo]
  • Kicks: {momo} Wing Light Sneakers (Limited Edition)
  • Backpack-1: FLite. - Laced Pack - Common #17 (some pics) 
  • Backpack-2: [F] [Red-Black] Studded Back Pack R Arm [Kids] (some pics)
  • Headphones: [F] Solo Wireless [Red-Black] [Head] (some pics)
Slideshow Gallery - Additional fun edits and photos!!  

Slideshow Gallery

1 / 8
2 / 8
3 / 8
4 / 8
5 / 8
6 / 8
7 / 8
8 / 8
the snapchat
up to no good
oh pie gosh
fun edit
pompom got my back
being cute
in my zone